Last year, after a few weeks of limping quite badly, our little terrier girl ‘Lola’ was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and arthritis in her hips and knees. She was put on anti-inflammatory but I was concerned about her being on them long-term – she is only 8.The Vet suggested a trial of Laser Therapy, and, as it isn’t invasive and has no nasty side effects, we agreed to a course. She came off her medication, so as to properly assess it’s effectiveness.

The treatment was 6 sessions over 3 weeks and ‘Lola’ tolerated it well, apart from some wiggling! About a day after each session, we noticed that the symptoms – limping and holding her leg up- worsened slightly, but then improved again. By session 5 there was a noticeable improvement. , and about a week after the 6th session, she stopped limping. She has been on no other medication and is back to her normal running after balls and playing with her doggie pals.

We are about to do some maintenance therapy, about every 4 weeks, so hopefully it will continue to be as effective in keeping ‘Lola’ pain free and healthy! I would definitely recommend it to anyone concerned about the wellbeing of their pet.
Oonagh B.

‘Brandy’ is 11 years old. When we adopted him two years ago, he was suffering from chronic arthritis in his joints and could only walk short distances, spending most of his days on the couch. He was in constant pain. The Vet recommended K-Laser and the improvement in Brandy was profound. He has the agility of a much younger dog now, running, playing and jumping. He now walks us 3 times per day. Treatment is quick and pain free, and can offer an old dog a new lease of life!!
Paul & Jackie O.

We have been a client of Vetcare since 1994. Kevin, Andrew, Tom and all the Vets and staff are wonderful. Our dogs have received the best medical care and are always treated with respect and compassion. They always take the time to explain exactly what is wrong and various options to take care of it. Recently, Stitch injured her eye and was unable to see properly. As we arrived into Vetcare, despite her discomfort she began wagging her tail knowing she was at a place where she would be made better. They have been there for us day and night with our big or small medical concerns. We can’t thank the Vets and staff enough they feel like family and we would recommend them to everyone.

With kind regards

Caroline and Barry O.

I have been attending Vets Carlow with my cat Itchy since 2004 and 2010 with Ginger. Over the years I have had excellent help, advice and care from the professional vets and nurses. Unfortunately the health of my cats don’t just allow a yearly visit. Ginger was a young stray tom cat, who had pneumonia, through cat flu, his lungs are now permanently scarred from the infection. Itchy has been Hyperthyroid since Feb 14 and is monitored closely. I want to thank the following vets: Caroline, Rachael, Suzanne and the following nurses: Lauren, Catherine, Lorraine and Miranda….the care and attention you all have given to my cats, at the times they needed, is second to none. As a pet owner, it is comforting my cats are safe in the hands of experts, who care.

Laura D.

We have used Vetcare for more than 6 years, when we got our dog as an 8 week old puppy. The care he had received which included 2 hospitalisations and one serious injury has always been outstanding. Their grooming service is also excellent. We can recommend Vetcare to all for all their pet needs.

Walt H.

I have been with Vetcare Portlaoise for over 10 years. The staff are excellent, very understanding and helpful. My darling KC went to sleep there in May. Tom was so kind to us. Same with Jake 8 years ago. He was too ill to be brought down so the vet came to the house and Jake went to sleep on his own bed! Both were cremated. Highly recommend Vetcare!

Elaine M.

The Laois SPCA has dealt with Vetcare since they opened in Portlaoise and have always found them professional, efficient and caring with any animal we have taken to them. They realise that we cannot make appointments for injured animals and always facilitate us in Athy at all times if the surgery in Portlaoise is closed. In summary an excellent service for both the animals and volunteers and we would recommend them to anyone with animals.

Dorothy W.