Large Animals

  • Call outs for sick animals, and emergencies such as obstetrical difficulties, uterine torsions, grass tetanus, milk fevers, etc
  • TB and Brucellosis testing, and blood testing for other diseases such as Johne’s disease, IBR, BVD, etc
  • Herd Health programmes
  • Castrations, dehorning, pregnancy diagnosis via palpation and ultrasound scanning, etc


  • Call outs to sick or injured horses
  • Castrations, markings, microchipping
  • Pregnancy scanning
  • Vaccinations and health checks

Small Animals

The following is a comprehensive list of our services. It gives the reader an insight into the veterinary services we provide for the diagnosis and treatment of your pet. It is important to remember that not every single surgical procedure can be included in the list, but we believe we do cover the majority of procedures that are performed in today’s veterinary world.