Scoping, or Endoscopy, is a procedure, carried out under anaesthesia, where a tube with a camera allows us to view inside your pet’s internal systems to diagnose any problems that may be there. There are two types of endoscopy, flexible and rigid endoscopy.

Examples of procedures that we can carry out at Vetcare are:

  • GI endoscopy, (examining the stomach and oesophagus);
  • Bronchoscopy ( examining the windpipe and larger airways),
  • Rhinoscopy ( examining the nasal passages); the ear canal can also be examined with the scope.
  • Colonoscopy ( examining the colon),
  • Cystoscopy (examining the lower urinary tract)
  • Laparoscopy(examining the abdominal cavity, which also allows samples or biopsies to be taken of organ tissue for diagnostics. Some procedures such as neutering can be performed through laparoscopy, the advantage bring that the surgical site is much smaller than the average site, but it is a more expensive procedure to carry out.

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