Our shop stocks everything you need to pamper your pooch or reward your rabbit. We stock an extensive range of treats, leads, collars, coats, kennels, toys, beds, fish tanks, hamster and bird cages, accessories and so much more. We are always at hand to help and advise for example to fit a harness correctly, or recommend suitable toys for a young puppy.

It is point of sales advice that ensures our customers not only have an excellent choice but are also properly informed.

We have a full range of pet foods for all species, from cats to chipmunks, from all leading super-premium brands.

Royal Canin and Hills compliment out range of dog and cat foods, including Burns, Beta. Grain – Free foods are also available.

We are always happy to recommend a food to suit your dog or cats individual requirements and help with working out feeding amounts.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today.