Even the worst doggie bad hair day can be solved by our professional experienced pet groomers. A full pampering and makeover for your pooch is tailored to suit his or her needs, or as you the owner would like us to do.

A range of treatments including full grooms, half grooms, show clips, modified clips, Pet styling, Face, bum, and belly trims, hygiene clips, dyeing using blow pen stencils, paint-on highlights and dipping, stripping , combing, washing, drying, anal gland expressing, nail clipping, ear cleaning and treatment can all be carried out on the day.

Don’t worry, the dye will come out after a wash!! Please ask our groomers for more details.

Medicated or conditioning washes are used depending on your pets needs and the salon experience would not be complete without a spritz of your pet’s favourite perfume and a bow to complete the look.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today.