With our qualified and experienced veterinary nurses and pet health counsellors, they can discuss and advise with you how to care for your pet at various stages of his or her development.

Puppy and Kitten Health Check: Get a complimentary health check for your new arrival and learn how to care for them. Included in the advice clinic are topics such as diet, flea and worm treatment, microchipping, toilet training, bathing and grooming

Adolescent Health Checks: This is a complimentary health check for your youngster and advice about oral care, neutering, dietary requirements etc., to ensure he or she is growing and developing into a happy healthy pet.

Dental Advice Clinic: Oral hygiene checks can be carried out by our nursing staff. We will advise you how to keep those teeth pearly white, and if your pet has smelly breath or finding it difficult to eat, we can tell you what the problem is.

Flea treatment and Worming advice: Not all pets need the same treatment for worms, as sometimes their environment governs which worm treatment is best suited to their needs. Flea treatment, as well as mite, tick or lice treatment is also an area covered by our highly trained staff to advise on the best products for your pet.

Weight Watchers: Have your pet weighed and if weight loss is needed, a tailor made nutritional plan can be draughted by us, which includes a diet plan, selecting the right food for your pet and regular weigh-ins to keep him or her on the right track

Nail Clipping and Anal Gland expressing: Both procedures can be carried out by our nursing staff

Bandage Changing: Application and care of wound dressings and splints and management of casts

Wound checks and suture removal: Two to three day post operative wound checking is an essential part of ensuring that wounds are healing properly. Suture removal is carried out approximately ten days after the operation.

Behavioural Advice: How to manage that spraying cat, or the dog that hates the car , or introducing your pet to a new baby, and more issues that may be problematic

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today.