Ultrasound is now an essential diagnostic tool at Vetcare. Like x-raying it is completely non- invasive, but unlike x-raying, it is completely harmless. We use a referral standard ultrasound scanner, an Esaote My Lab 7. The My Lab 7 provides high class performance with excellent resolution and real diagnostic value. Productivity in real time means better diagnosis in less time.

Abdominal organs such as the liver, spleen, kidneys, bladder, pancreas, adrenal glands, stomach and intestines can all be viewed for abnormalities such as tumours; the uterus or womb can be viewed for pregnancy, and the heart can be examined for heart diseases such as Mitral valve disease, dilated cardiac myopathies, congenital defects etc.

Ultrasound guided techniques such as removing unwanted fluid from around the heart (Pericardial effusion) , or from the inside of the ribcage (Pleural effusion) , or from the abdomen( ascites) can also be performed.
Viewing the bladder can reveal bladder stones or crystals, and obtaining a urine sample from the bladder of a cat or a dog can be difficult and time consuming, but is a simple procedure using a very fine needle guided into the bladder via ultrasound.

More often than not sedation is not required, however with difficult patients, especially when there is a painful abdomen, sedation is necessary. In addition, ultrasound guided organ biopsies can be performed under sedation or general anesthetic.

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