Pups: Vaccinations should start at six weeks, and this is followed by a booster shot 2-4 weeks after the first one. This should be repeated annually. The vaccinations are essential in the protection of Parvovirus, Leptospirosis ( which causes Wheal’s disease in humans), Distemper, parainfluenza and some forms of viral hepatitis.

If the annual vaccine is not repeated within 15 months from the previous year , then the course will have to start again.

Kennel Cough must be given to all dogs that have to stay in a boarding kennel; however, we are seeing more and more cases of Kennel cough in multi-dog households, so the advice is to vaccinate for Kennel Cough whether your pet is going into a boarding kennel or not.

Kittens: The vaccination course starts for kittens at 9 weeks of age , with a booster shot at 3-4 weeks later. This vaccination covers Cat Flu, feline panleucopenia, and rhinotracheitis caused by a virus called Calicivirus.

We also recommend that all cats be vaccinated for the viral form of Feline Leukaemia. This sometimes is a cost factor that owners are not prepared for , as they haven’t heard of this disease, and it does add to the cost of the vaccinations. The price has reduced in recent years as there is now a three year vaccine for this disease costing a small bit more than what the annual shot used to cost.

Don’t worry: if you forget about your vaccine we will send you a reminder!

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